One paper, countless opportunities

One paper, countless opportunities

Do you know that you don’t need to pay for expensive print on demand and wait for days for it to come through, you just can do it yourself?

Yes, it is as easy as it sounds. I have created more than 1000 t shirts myself and with the ease of RaiMarket Transfer paper, I can create any designs for few dollars and in less than 10 minutes. You heard me right, 10 mins.

Any thing I like to print? Yes

Any time I want a T shirt? Yes

Any one can print with basic household printer ? Yes

Any cotton fabric item like T shirt, bag, cushion can be printed ? Yes  

Seriously, you are kidding, right ? No
The beauty of RaiMarket transfer paper is that all you need to make a wearable design is an inkjet printer, RaiMarket Transfer paper, ordinary iron and tiny bit of creativity. Imagine the limitless items and personalized gifts that you can create. The prints look very professional and can last up to 30 washes. They cannot replace the high end branded t shirts but surely can be as good as any print on demand item out there in the market.
If you run a small business, imagine the limitless opportunities to create merchandise with a hint of personalization? A coffee shop creates their brand based t shirt but with the customer images on it. Its as good as a selfie-chino !!
Image you are planning a birthday party and want to create goody bags. You don’t want to be like everyone else using paper bags, how about create something that becomes a souvenir  that kids attending can take home with them. What if you create a birthday bag with your kid’s name, birthday design and also the best friend’s image with the birthday boy or girl. That will be create a awe moment for months to come.
What if there is a football game in next 4 hours, you need a T shirt with your favorite team logo or even player image on it. Well, lets get a plain t shirt, google some amazing wall papers, and just print them. Many in the event would be wearing standard t shirts, but you will have a unique one that will make you stand out. Who knows, the cameraman could spot it too?
The opportunities are limitless and as big as your creativity. If you don’t fall in love with the idea and product, RaiMarket offers 100% satisfaction program. Nothing to lose and so much to gain and create. Its worth a try, with packs ranging from 5 sheets to 100, choice is yours. 10 sheet pack for less than 10 minutes, lets give it a shot.