Marvin's Magic - x2 25 Magical Coloured Pens - Amazing Magic Pens - Colour Changing Magic Colouring Pens Set - Create 3D Lettering or Write Secret Messages - Magical Art Supplies

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About this item

  • HIGH QUALITY COLLECTION OF AMAZING MAGIC PENS: Create marvellous magic art using 50 magic pens with amazing powers! Write secret messages, create stunning 3D lettering and make your art vanish, all with no mess and no fuss. These colouring pens are fantastically fun and perfect for the budding artist or anyone looking to find a new way to get creative!
  • CREATE COOL 3D PICTURES: These fantastic magic pens spark creativity and allow you to get artist in a unique and fun way! The fun marker pen art set includes 50 marker pens that change colours so your drawings will be unique and funky! The magic pens make an excellent gift for boys or girls and are perfect as a Christmas or Birthday present.
  • CREATE MAGICAL TECHNIQUES PATTERNS AND PICTURES: The fantastic Marvin's Magic Pens for kids allow you to create knockout 3D lettering, you can also easily change one colour to another in an instant! These fantastic erasable pens allow you to erase colour in seconds so you can correct mistakes for neater pictures. Plus why not try writing top secret messages that will only be revealed when you want them to be!
  • NO MESS, NO FUSS - COMPLETELY MESS FREE: Exactly what mum's want to hear! these magic felt tip pens are ideal as they are mess and fuss free! So your children can draw away without any worry. Perfect for at home or travelling, these magic artist pens keep the children occupied without you having to worry about cleaning up.
  • INCLUDES 2 SETS OF 50 FANTASTIC MAGIC PENS : This fantastic bundle set includes 50 different drawing pens in an array of exciting and bold colours. The magic ink also allows you to change colours or make your art vanish, allowing you to bring a little magic to your drawings and fascinate your friends and family! Suitable for children ages 5 and above